VERASETA's history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century and is closely tied to the industrial past of the city of Charlieu (in the Loire Department). At the time, Charlieu specialised in silk weaving, and the Musée de la Soie (Silk Museum) recounts this history. The sound of shuttle looms served as a backdrop to daily life in the city which produced taffetas and high-quality faille fabrics that were renown both in France and abroad at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1905, Jean Lorton, a highly successful silk merchant based in Charlieu, decided to create his own weaving mill: Les Ateliers Lorton. His son Joseph joined the company in the 1930s, and the two men developed their own silk collection, transforming the company into a wholesaler and design house.

They decide to rename the company to emphasise their focus on silk: VERASETA, a combination of the Latin words vera (true) and seta (silk). Thanks to increasing renown, VERASETA became a full-fledged textile design house, opening its Paris showroom in the 1950s. The company soon positioned itself in the high-end decorative and haute couture markets by building on the French tradition of luxury fabrics (taffeta, faille, satin, canetille, damask, etc.). By combining tradition and modernity, the company continued to innovate while preserving the savoir-faire inherited from the original Charlieu weavers. As a result, VERASETA obtained the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label in 2007. This award recognises companies with rare expertise that is steeped in local industrial or artisanal history.

Today VERASETA is run by Pierre and Franck Lorton, the founder's grandson and great-grandson, and exports more than 60% of its production throughout the world. In addition to its own collections, VERASETA has also developed a high-end FLAME-RETARDANT collection and is the French distributor for a British collection of genuine horsehair fabric (John Boyd Textiles) and an Australian Collection of contemporary linen furnishing fabric (Westbury Textiles).